Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning

Department of Revenue.

Head of Revenue:     Mrs Rahma Mohamed Ali

Head of sector market and barriers:     Mr Ridhuani Ayub

Head of sector transport:     Afan Sattar

Head of sector land:      Omar Mahmud

The department of revenue is the backbone of the ministry of finance and economic planning and other ministry in the county of Mombasa.

Through Taxing the county is able to get revenue,mainly internal revenues,such as;

  • The finance dormain
  • Trade:Single lincensing business

Corparate audit

  • Tourism:Liquor lincesing

Vating and controlling

  • Education:Hiring compounds,halls from schools
  • Transport and infrasture:Parking fees
  • Lands:Staff housing

Property rates

  • Water,environment and natural resources:Adversting
  • Livestock and Agriculture

The main Target for the department of revenue this year is to collect 1.8billion


Tulipe ushuru yetu,tujenge nchi yetu.

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