Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning

Our Functions.

The mandate of the County Finance and Economic Planning Department entails giving technical support and guiding other departments in financial and economic planning matters. The CEC member will provide leadership and strategic policy direction, while the Chief Officer will manage and coordinate all activities of the Department. He will also be the accounting and authorized officer of the Department.

Functions and portfolio are as outlined below:


The specialized operational/service delivery areas are;

  • county treasury management;
  • county economic fiscal and monetary policies;
  • county investments;
  • liaison with national treasury technical assistance;
  • county revenue, expenditure and borrowing;
  • MTEF and budget monitoring;
  • financial institutions;
  • county debt management;
  • management of county government assets;
  • government accounting services and internal audit;
  • public private partnership initiatives;
  • Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS)
  • county budget co-ordination and control;
  • implementation of Vision 2030;
  • budget and economic forum;
  • monitoring and evaluation of economic trends;
  • Capacity building and technical assistance initiatives on finance policy.

Economic Planning

The specialized operational/service delivery areas are;

  • implementation of Vision 2030;
  • county Development Planning;
  • monitoring and Evaluation of Programs;
  • maintenance of an inventory on development and investment programs at the county;
  • maintenance of County Information and Documentation centers;
  • managing County Statistics;
  • implementation of National Population Policy;
  • carrying out of surveys and Research;
  • capacity building and technical assistance initiatives on economic and planning matters;
  • implementation of spatial county programs; and
  • Any other activities as may be directed by the Governor from time to time.
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